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Sliding Bearing

Epen constantly study new materials and new products development

Jiashan Epen Bearing Co.Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of plain bearings and wear plates, and has grown rapidly to a point where now all types of plain bearings can be supplied. Standard catalogue sizes, special sizes and designs can be produced at competitive prices and to a high quality standard. Jiashan Epen Bearing Co.Ltd. serves both the domestic and international markets. The Jiashan Epen Bearing Company intend to stay at the forfront of this market.


EMT Brief Description

EMT Brief Description

EMT bi-metallic bushing is formed from steel strips with alloy lining material. The alloy lined surface can be machined oil grooves, holes, formed Indentations etc according to different application. It is suitable for high load, lower speed oscillation & rotation movement.

EMT Bimetallic Material Characteristics

Oil Hole is necessary to design if EMT have lubricated sufficiently; the following oil hole design is recommended, which is also suitable for EMT series without special requirements.
Bushing O.D. (D) Φ14>D ≤ 22 Φ22>D ≤ 40
Φ40>D ≤ 50 Φ50>D ≤ 100
Φ100>D ≤ 180
Oil Hole Diameter (mm) 3 4 5 6 7
Oil hole location should keep away from the split gap & loading area, and in favor of oil-taking.
EMT-1 Advantageous in high load carrying capacity, anti-impact, lower wear. Suitable for Mid-load capacity & Mid-higher Sliding velocitie . Bushings for Gearbox, Rocker arm, King Pin, transmission etc.
EMT-2 Higher fatige strength & load carrying capacity, goos running characteristics at higher sliding velocities. Suitable for Mid-load capacity & Mid-Sliding velocitie . Bushings for lubricating oil pumps . After surface specifical treatment, Bushings for Main bushes of high speed internal-combustion engine, Connecting Rod etc .
EMT-3 Very Good sliding Characteristics, good anti-seizure property, special material, Punched oil grooves & oil pockets are not feasible. Bushings suitable for hydraulic Pump,automatic gearbox . After surface specifical treatment, bushings for main bushes of high speed, medium-low load internal-combustion engine, Connecting Rod etc.
EMT-4 Mid fatige strength & load carrying capacity, very good fatige strength & load carrying capacity, very good sliding characteristics . Bushings for half-bearing of high speed, lower load internal-combushtion engine, aircomressor, refrigerator, hypoid gearbox, hydraulic pump, gearbox etc.