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Bearing Selection

Six factors relating to the bearing life: Load P [N/mm2] Load the greater the load, the shorter the bearing life; the greater the load fluctuation, the impact on bearing life greater, the shorter the bearing life; whether, in any case, should not exceed ......

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Bearing Detection

In free state, wrapped bushing will not be closed, which is impossble to accurately measure External diameter & Internal diameter. When wrapped bushing Measured, special gauges and test equipments is necessary.

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Thrust washers & Plate Installation

Housing should have hollow dents for installing thrust washer and sliding plates. Dowel pins used for prevent turning.
1.After install, ID of washer can not contact shaft.
2.Backing of washer contact housing.

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Bearing Production, Application

Epen sliding bearing is now widely used in various industries, continue to create value for customers