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Jiashan Epen Bearing Co.Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of plain bearings and wear plates, and has grown rapidly to a point where now all types of plain bearings can be supplied. Standard catalogue sizes, special sizes and designs can be produced at competitive prices and to a high quality standard. Jiashan Epen Bearing Co.Ltd. serves both the domestic and international markets. The Jiashan Epen Bearing Company intend to stay at the forfront of this market.


EB65 Brief Description

EB65 Brief Description

EB65 is a carbon steel substrate, bronze powder, PTFE, fiber and other materials through a special process to produce the self lubricating products, with the characteristics of environmental protection ....

EB65 Straight Bushings

Product Features oil supply device, oil hole, oil groove
The cost of the fuel supply system, the cost of processing, assembling, and so on, can greatly reduce the cost of manufacturing.
2.Operation cost reduction
Greatly reduce the use of lubricating oil and equipment maintenance costs, but also exempt from the risk caused by the shortage of oil. time shortened
No oil can make the design, structure is greatly simplified, reduce costs, save design time. In addition, using self-lubricating bearings can also improve the mechanical properties and prolong get remarkable results using life and improve the reliability.
4.recovery and environmental protection of lubricant
No need to waste oil recycling, is conducive to environmental protection.
EB65 self lubricated bearings as the mechanical industry parts, there is a certain sense of the use of. In order to make the machine run normally, a lot of effort. The bearing is divided into rolling bearing and sliding bearing. The general sliding bearing in high load movement, mixed with foreign body, temperature, fuel, maintenance maintenance is not perfect circumstances, will cause galling. Like that of sliding bearing is not able to use harsh conditions, metal inlaid solid self lubricating bearing wear resistance nap, play due to the performance of bearings, mechanical performance and free maintenance.

Use notes

1.In the possible case, the design uses the standard specification as far as possible;
2.Please note that there is no foreign body in the assembly;
3.After using the sliding surface, formed by solid lubricant oil film in surface with black or gray black phenomenon, please do not scrub, as usual.
4.Before the assembly, if the lubricating oil applied to the grinding parts, can shorten the running in period, conducive to the operation of machinery, operation;
5.When the assembly should be slowly pressed into, it is strictly forbidden to beat, so as to avoid damage to the bearing and deformation;
6.Design, different parts should be selected with appropriate material, in order to improve the mechanical performance, to extend the service life of the bearing;
7.In the high load, reciprocating motion, the proposed use of screw fixation;
8.In fresh water, sea water and in the sea, on the use of stainless steel or surface plating.

Bearings Features

1. Flexible design, simple, convenient with wide applications
The designing of oil-feeding system is both a labor consuming and time consuming job. Therefore, the neglecting of oil-feeding apparatus in the designing of solid Iubricant bearings saves the cost of oil-feeding apparatus. Besides, for various specific circumstances, the solid lubricant bearings can be designed into various types to meet the requirements thereof. The use of solid lubricant bearings can greatly reduce the cost of mechanical maintenance and oil.
2. FunctionaI in absence of oiI
Since the Iinear expansibility of solid Iubricant is greater than metallic matrix's, when the movement of solid lubricant bearings(SLB)start, the Iubricant is transferred onto the parts in abrasion thus realizing the self-lubrication. Therefore, the SLBs can be used in circumstances where oiling and greasing is difficult or impossible and they perform excellent Iubrication even under low-speed and high Ioad circumstances.
3. Cost efficiency
The traditional mechanical designing requires frequent oiling maintenance; oil gauge check shall be performed to ensure the passage of oil supplying apparatus is clear. Since the periodical oiling can cause pollution to the machines themselves as welI as to the ambient surroundings, resulting in an increase of the maintenance cost,the realization of self-lubrication can not only make the environment clean but greatly reduce the Iubricating costs as well.
4. Excellent performance under high-load, Iow-speed circumstances
The SLBs are made of rotationaI cast high-strength copper as the matrix, which functions as Ioad bearers.Besides, SLBs use specially formulated graphite as Iubricant, ensuing excellent self-lubrication. Combining the advantages of both the matrix and Iubricant, SLBs are capable of exert their wonderfuI performance in circumstances with high load and low speed.
5. In circumstances where it is difficult for the oiI films to generate, such as the alternative movements, swinging movements and frequent on-and-off, SLBs highlights their excellent resistance to abrasion. As the principle of the arrangement of SLB Iubricant is to ensure that each part of the equipment is involved in the Iubrication throughout the movement, the Iocation of the Iubricant shalI be determined according to the movement direction of the parts in abrasion.
6. Excellent chemical resistance and corrosion resistance
The Iubricant for SLB is formulated out of the abrasion-resistant materials such as graphite and PTEE and has stabilized molecular structure. The metallic matrix can be selected according to the various chemicaI resistance and corrosion resistance accordingly. Therefore, the SLB enjoys high chemicaI resistance and corrosion resistance.
7. The cost of the products is more competitive and compared with other products of the same kind, the SLB features in longer service hours, less maintenance, longer replacement period and better performance.

EB65 Main Base Alloy

EB65 Alloy International Code

EB65 Solid Lubricant